Happy Days are Here Again

February 21st. 2022, Australia is opening up for tourists again.

If you’re thinking of coming on down and swimming with sharks, or cuddling a koala (and having it piss on your arm), you might want to consider the rules, and check out the current political landscape.

The message coming out of the federal government is a bit confusing as to who gets preference, work visas, or tourist visas.

Getting a visa might be the easy part. It’s when you arrive that the confusion will begin.

You will need to have had 2 jabs, some brands aren’t accepted.

The two usual suspects are your best bet for being allowed to enter Australia.

Expats wanting to return, are still having flights canceled and spending loads on accommodation waiting for another flight.

Although this is not as bad as it has been.

Some expats had to visit half a dozen countries before landing in Australia.

It still happens.

The cost of tickets for expats is a bit like an auction, the more you pay the less chance you will be bumped from a flight.

If you’re a tourist or have a work visa, you have a preference over expats, and the cost to you may not be as great.

But if you have a sniffle, there are plans in place to empty your wallet.

Once you Arrive Your problems are only beginning.

Customs at airports are a federal responsibility, so there may not be too many hassles getting through them.

There is only one State (New South Wales), where you will be relatively free to move around.

One (Western Australia), has its border shut, even to people who live there.

The others have a mish-mash of rules that are hard to keep up with.

Want to go to Melbourne? you may have to get a 3rd shot, or 4th, 5th, and 6th depending on how long you are staying.

You will have to pay, the government outlaid a bucket load of cash for them so they will want to recoup some of it.

Want to go to Queensland and hug crocodiles, or even work? Don’t get a sniffle, otherwise, you might have to spend some time in this place.

Photo of the Wellcamp isolation facility in Queensland.
Photo courtesy of The Brisbane Times. If you arrive fully vaxxed, but have a sniffle expect to spend about 14 days in one of these rooms at $230 a day. They call it Wellcamp.

All of this is to protect the Australian public from you, and all those germs you bring in from overseas.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Australians gather most Saturdays in the cities around the country screaming “No more mandates,” among other things.

Many of these people went to Canberra last weekend.

The media reported on 3 arrests and said only about10,000 people from the fringes of society showed up.

So where is Australia at?

From the outside, the demonstrations look like they have a peaceful festival-type atmosphere.

Unlike earlier ones, where police were shooting demonstrators (many of who had lost their businesses or job), with rubber bullets.

Deeper down there has been a lot of heartache and pain inflicted on people by governments.

Small businesses closing, never to reopen, people sacked for not following government mandates, suicides way more than usual, and the structure of society has changed dramatically.

Once labeled “heroes,” for working on “the front lines” before the vaccines became available, nurses, doctors, and other medical-related personnel have resigned or been sacked for refusing the jab.

Maybe they smelt a rat in the cheese factory.

Maybe medical policy is now directed by big pharma, and how many batches of witch's brew they can sell.

Personal consent has been scratched out of the medical dictionary.

Many others, in hundreds of other industries, were forced to have it, due to financial stress and fear of losing income.

Personal consent no longer matters in the brave new world of over-the-top statism.

Australia is a Federation, which is a central government and a group of states with shared management of their internal affairs.

Duplicity is a bureaucratic pain.

Really, these days Australia is more like a Confederation, which is a group of states, with a central government, that has limited powers over the states.

Just give them the money.

It is the “States that impose the mandates” Cries our dear leader.

The peasants are revolting.

Opening the borders has to be a hollow signal. Of course, he would say it to make it look like they are doing something.

He is not known as Scotty from marketing for nothing.

There is an election looming, and many of the demonstrators are his demographic.

But at least he appeared and said something, unlike the Canadian Prime Minister, who I believe is still in hiding.

Some organizers of the demonstrations are not happy.

One, an ex-Qantas pilot known as Hoody, encouraged many people to get to Canberra and make a stand.

He is now dismayed by the number of political activists who have become involved in the demonstrations.

Obviously, some people can see an opportunity and will try and exploit it. Police infiltrators and political activists select targets to create trouble.

There is an Election looming.

The major political parties have started their campaigns, based on the unicorn principle of look over there, and don’t mention the pandemic.

So if you’re planning a trip to Australia, depending on the Emperor of the state you visit, bring extra money, you might have to spend time in a Wellcamp.

As Rita Panahi (political commentator), says about Australia, “We have crippled society to serve hypochondriacs who want to be living in bubble wrap for the rest of their lives.”



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