Kangaroo Courts are the New Normal

A cartoon of a judge telling the defendant that exposing the illegal things governments do is illegal.

When Judges in an Australian court reacted with contempt and belligerence in February 2022, towards the representatives of an organisation wanting nothing more than a review, asking that the Secretary of the Department of Health do his job, and follow established science protocols and cancel or suspend the provisional approval for all experimental COVID vaccines in Australia.

With a substantial affidavit, including dozens of peer-reviewed and pre-print studies on the harms caused by the COVID vaccine, the plaintiff had a stack of ammunition that the Australian Government had acted in opposition to the dictates of the Precautionary Principle.

Failing in their duty of care, by not just distributing and recommending, but mandating Australians to take this medical procedure.

There can be no informed consent when someone’s livelihood and ability to feed their children is on the line.

“Over recent decades, an average of 2.4 people have died and approximately 3,500 injuries were reported every 12 months from all conventional licensed vaccines,” says retired Barrister Julian Gillespie, author of the original opinion and brief. “Yet in less than 12 months since COVID injections began, 755 deaths and 104,236 injuries have been reported

“We don’t want to know that” screamed a judge. (Federal court hearings normally have 3 judges on the bench).

Another judge looked around and yelled at a person in the public gallery to put his mask on correctly otherwise, he would be escorted out of the courtroom.

Meanwhile, they were sitting there without masks.

The plaintiff’s representatives (all highly qualified, experienced jurists), did their best for another couple of hours to try and make some headway against the belligerence and contempt shown to them by the judges.

Then it was the Department of Health’s legal counsel's turn to put their arguments to the judges.

“Yes, yes that is a good point counsel,” said one judge as the other two nodded sagely in agreement.

The court was calm, and dignity and politeness had replaced screaming and abuse.

“Ahh yes, excellent point counsel” …and the nodding and smiling continued.

It doesn’t matter that excess death in Australia is around 15,000 above the average of “normal years”.

Let's just ignore lockdowns, and vaccinations, and pretend nothing unusual happened between 2020 and 2022.

It is all co-incidental. 15,000 deaths from unknown causes.

Just before the election in May even the Prime Minister confirmed the overreaction by the government stating that, while many people died with covid, very few died from covid.

“There is a big difference between dying with something and dying from something,” he said.

It didn’t matter, for many their lives had been trashed because they refused to follow the government's mandates, and the government lost the election.

For others, their lives are now starting to be turned upside down with complications from the vaccine.

Heart problems, blood clots, miscarriages, deaths, and many other problems not normally seen in otherwise healthy people are all on the increase.

Senate inquiries into the Therapeutic Goods Association (the body responsible for provisionally approving the experimental vaccine), have revealed gross underreporting of deaths and injuries associated with the vaccine.

Some people “in the know” estimate deaths are underreported by at least a factor of 3, and injuries could be as high as 5 times that being reported on the TGA’s website.

APHRA is the organisation responsible for the implementation of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme for medical personnel across Australia.

Doctors and other professionals were warned they could face fines of up to $10,000, 6 months in jail, and be deregistered if they were critical of the necessity for vaccines or were to debate with evidence-based science if it disagreed with the state's narrative.

Why report an adverse reaction if you are putting your registration at risk?

Health systems across the country are a dog's breakfast.

People who couldn’t go for surgery during lockdowns are back in the queue, but so many health professionals have had their careers wrecked by APHRA and have moved on.

So where do people now go for a fair hearing?

Unfortunately, all the institutions that people once had faith in are corrupted.

The once proud flying kangaroo is now a complete shemozzle.

Cancellations, lost baggage, staff shortages, planes not being loaded correctly, the list goes on.

Still, the CEO picked up $ 2 million for his efforts for the year.

The airline lost close to $ 2 billion.

The rampant corruption in the way Australia operates must now be nearly complete.

The two main parties are basically a cut and paste of each other.

Billionaires bankrolled Quockerwodgers, there are now 5 of them representing one billionaire.

About the same number as those who claim to represent people.

The rest are just pushing an ideology of sort or another.

There are a few politicians who speak out, but they are labeled as being on the “fringes”

In reality, it is the media that is on the fringes.

There is no investigative journalism, they are little more than a government echo chamber.

“Get your 4th or 5th Jab now” is repeated Ad infinitum across the T.V and radio channels.

No mention of the bodies or the crippling adverse reactions.

Multi-million dollar tax breaks, and multi-million dollar advertising campaigns can work miracles when a government wants to get a message out.

Many people are oblivious to what has happened and is still happening.

Blindly following the government narrative and taking their kids to get jabbed whenever the media begins blasting out the government messaging.

Just trying to be good citizens, blissfully unaware that the so-called vaccine is an experiment

They will tell you covid never really affected them.

They kept their jobs, could pay their bills, and were happy with the government borrowing money to compensate them for whatever.

They are not worried about increased fuel prices, the cost of food, the cost of power, and the cost of housing.

It is all good.

The government told them it was the fault of the war in Ukraine!

The average person is happy with this explanation.

The media is sprouting the same message, so it must be right.

I cannot think of one thing Australia imports from Ukraine or Russia that would have any effect on our economy.

But I had better stick to the narrative and stop thinking.

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