Net Zero. Why all the Trouble?

So called western democracies turning tyrannical over the past couple of years has further emboldened them to push their agendas further.

With a fairly successful scare campaign about covid, it is now climate change (again).

We have to get down to net zero human emissions of greenhouse gases, they yell at us.

As someone said “ Generally, the politicians in charge can’t change a tyre, can’t build a brick wall, yet they think they can change the climate, simply by adding more taxes to everything and making it harder to farm, build things or make things”.

So far it is working a treat, but not in a way they expected.

The government of Sri Lanka went into hiding, and governments from Holland to Panama being confronted with daily demonstrations, raised the white flag and said “Let’s talk about this”.

Unfortunately for them, no one wants to talk.

People are sick of b/s.

Even with the church as a mediator in Panama, people still rejected the proposals negotiated between the church and the government.

Venezuela, back in the day when it was a functioning society, had a reasonable education system.

They reduced the church’s influence on education and built more public schools.

Unfortunately a better educated population doesn’t produce better governments.

They are also more likely to believe media propaganda which always pushes the “official narrative”.

The scarier they can make it the better.

“Climate change will wipe us out if we don’t do something”.

Sort of reminds me of a headline someone showed me from a 1870? newspaper.

Whale blubber Scarce. World to go Dark.

So governments did something, and as usual it is all going pear shaped.

The Sri Lankan government banned fertilizers.

Farm production slipped to a point, where farmers barely produced enough for themselves let alone send some off to the markets.

While getting rid of the government and enjoying some time by the swimming pool in the government complex bought some relief to Sri Lankans, it won’t put a decent meal on the table any time soon.

Meanwhile the elite are doing fine.

The few left in Sri Lanka were able to go and watch the cricket match being played against Australia and sip tea.

And so the demonstrations continue around the world. Argentina, Canada, Holland, Germany, Spain, Panama, and probably a stack of others not reported by the MSM.

In fact much of the mainstream media ignored Sri Lanka until the last minute, and then only gave it lip service, the same with Holland.

People have had a gutful of government overreach and their solutions to make believe problems.

They can’t solve the drug problems or unemployment but they can change the climate.

Spare me!

All they can expect is more demonstrations, against everything they are doing.

Raising power prices, fuel prices, making food and other necessities of life scarce.

When an Australian environmental minister was asked if carbon dioxide was the big issue in relation to climate change, she said, “Yes”

When asked what percentage of the atmosphere is made up of carbon dioxide She didn’t know.

Yet she is going to fix the climate.

For F**k sake

One state in Australia has plans to ban backyard gardens.

Maybe they are using chicken poop, or horse manure in their gardens and governments want those banned!

To use government speak “ The solution has to be an across the board whole of government and society approach”…

In plain language, government and its friends win, you lose.

The English got rid of the Rag and Bone men years ago, depriving people of an occasional supply of horse manure for their roses or rhubarb.

Sometimes the really keen gardeners would follow the horse up the road, plastic bag and shovel in hand, waiting for the horse to release something.

Who knows what the real reason is for the banning of backyard gardens. Somehow I think it will come down to elf and safety.

Government policy and decisions are no longer about improving the lives of people.

They are more about shifting money and property from taxpayers to the government and the rich friends of government.


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