The Bureaucracy is Clamping down on TicToc, Twitter, GenZ and Millennials.

Michael Dubhthaigh
2 min readFeb 28, 2022


Photo of a blonde influencer used by the Australian newspaper in an article on Influencers banned from sponsored health posts.
Photo courtesy of the Australian newspaper.

Someone from the bureaucracy just had to step in.

How dare GenZ and Millennials make money posting short videos of themselves, promoting some health/wellness/beauty product?

The Australian bureaucracy has now banned them, from receiving money or benefits from these activities.

Of course, it is nothing unusual for Australian bureaucrats to ban things. Australia is the land of restrictions for everything.

The Latest:-

Let me digress for a couple of seconds…

With major flooding in two states, you have to be fully covid vaxxed to fill sandbags or help someone from a rooftop into a boat.

To fight bushfires, you need a child safe certificate, if you come across a burning farmhouse, and you need to rescue a kid stuck inside.

But that is Australia, the land of the permit and license, and big fines if you don’t comply.

Someone wrote a poem about 100 years ago, describing Australia as being a place of drought and flooding rains.

Bureaucrats have been milking it ever since.

It is all for your own good. Is their mantra.

Gen Z and Millennials aren’t dumb.

They saw that U-Tube, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media, offered them opportunities. They took it and made it work for them.

As explained on its website “TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile videos. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy.”

It is entirely understandable why any GenZ or Millennial, working in a bureaucracy, or Corporate cubicle would jump at the chance to leave the dour confines of the bureaucratic office, and explore the world away from the office bitch, the PC environment, OHS, and departmental permissions for everything.

Of all the generations, GenZ and Millennials have been the most adept at skipping past the traditional workplace.

Still, it took a lot of effort to do what they became good at.

Utilizing social media as a gig, and making a better income than the pay rates slapped together by the bosses and unions.

It didn’t matter if they were using the back room of Mum and Dad's house to set up a tattoo parlor, or learn a new language and spend a few months overseas, doing makeup for brides.

$$$$ paid in hand. Then share their handy work all over social media.

Get more $$$$’s

Throw in the old stagers like MLM’s (which I sometimes throw rocks at, not always because of the product, some are great, but the system).

GenZ and Millennials have nailed it better than everyone.

Obviously, they have become too successful.

The Aust. government now wants them to get a “real job”, and only use government-approved facial creams.



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