The Loopy Revolution -We are Permanently Mad.

The Idiots are running the asylum, from Governments to Google the world is now completely loopy.

First Some Background. Then we will get Serious.

A few years back an Australian Prime Minister, some State Premiers and numerous academics wanted to bring Hugo Chavez to Australia.

Why? to recognize his revolutionary transformation of the Venezuelan economy.

At the time El Presidente Hugo was putting butcher shops out of business. It suited the Australian academics because they are vegetarians, and Hugo was up there with all their other gods.

That idea soon fell by the wayside once the media got hold of it. But the media is fickle. It depends on what day of the week it is, if they want to disagree with government stupidity, or promote it.

As my shopkeeper friend would say “Mercury is retrograde Michael, that is why all this is happening”. She always says that.

Australia is a country of rules. Today I found out that fire fighters need to have a blue card, which authorizes them to work with kids.

All these past weeks fire fighters have been battling bush fires, saving houses and all the time it has been illegal for them to save a kid from a blazing house.

I am sure the judges will show them leniency. There are precedents where child molesters have been released from prison, set up home near a school and applied for, and got a blue card. True !

I love Some Stupidity

Just being an observer of stupidity can be interesting.

With governments you have “high level” stupidity, which is often sad stupidity. It puts lives in danger, and the affects in workplaces are such, that many workers just show up for little reason other than to pick up a wage at the end of the week.

Working with little job satisfaction, just a tolerable sense of discontent, sometimes, intolerable if left unaddressed for any length of time.

Everyone is a Fool

I am not sure whether stupidity flows from the bottom up, as in the sublime to the ridiculous. But it seems to be an ever present thing.

In our personal lives, where it takes on a more generic form, it can also have devastating consequences.

Marriage breakups, people finding themselves in financial straight jackets, and all the things that follow from that sense of “ Shit, that was dumb”.

Someone is Testing you Everyday.

Checked your inbox lately? It seems everyone has a “How to earn a 6 figure income online” Many of them aren’t even online. How about, “ a phone number put it on a billboard”

Dan sold his phone number to a taxi company and now makes 6 figures in royalties.

You kidding me! Wouldn’t it be easier to go down to your local Telco and get a number? or is that too stupid?.

But the testimonials (if you read that far ), offer proof. Like the homeless guy working out of his car and closing $5000 deals every other day. He is Homeless !, Whaat?

But these are at the lower end of the stupidity scale. The shiny object fishing expedition. Unlike government stupidity, you have a choice to accept the B/S or reject it.

Unfortunately, they say there is a sucker born every minute. Or someone really did come down in the last shower. It must be true because this has been going on for centuries.

You know the story. Shovel sellers usually always make more money than shovel users. Be wary.

Is Google Stupid Too?

The high tech giant with numerous algorithms up dated every other week, to rank things by scanning pages and pages of content, and making a decision as to whether or not this page, or that page, should be considered the appropriate authority site to show the person who has typed a question into googles search box.

Of course Google has to comply with government laws which creates a melting pot of stupidity.

But! there are those among us who claim to have Senor Google all sussed out. Or so they tell us. Check your email again.

Another how to make a 6 figure income online message. Here we go, open it and the headline blasts out the story. “ Woman makes 6 figures on line talking about chickens”

You have been found out Google

Chicken with a hat, the loopy revolution
You look cute today

Ok. She talks about chickens, and people click on the e-bay and amazon ads on her site to buy toe nail polish for chickens, or little sun hats. For F**ks Sake!

“Click here to see the video”

Lets go to U-Tube this should be interesting. How to make a 6 figure income selling toe-nail polish for chickens.

In the video she talks about how 3 years ago, she didn’t know the difference between a Rhode Island Red and a pigeon, until one day a friend asked if she could look after her chicken.

After a week of looking after this chook, she bought one herself and decided to set up a website to tell everyone about chickens. Then she goes on to explain what she did with the website.

It is all the usual fare you see, about seo, consistent posts, niche, yada, yada. All so Google would recognize her site as an authority on chickens.

At the time of recording the video she had 3 chickens — -3 - f’en chooks -and Google says she is an authority, so much so, it has her website on the first page of Google Search !

What the f**k.. Ok, Good luck to her. If you can do it, more power to you.

Forget the chicken breeder, the chicken farmer, the chicken pest control expert. If you were to type in how to prevent arthritis in chickens. Google will take you to a site selling toe- nail polish for chickens, or little sun hats!.

A chicken with painted toe nails. the loopy revolution.
Love your nail polish

Maybe there is hope for me.

Growing up, one of our neighbours was a Chinese market gardener who had chooks. And a rooster that would walk up and down the rows of vegetables about 4 am, making sure everyone knew it was alive.

One Sunday morning Willy ( the Chinaman), knocked on our door and asked my old man “Mr Joe, you see my rooster?” My old man hadn’t, so off he went to another neighbour “Mr Paddy you see my rooster?”

“Fucken oath, come here, I will show you your f’en rooster”. He took him inside his house and pulled the oven door open. There’s your f’en rooster”.

cooked chook. the loopy revolution
Here’s your rooster.

Now, I could set up a website and blog.

How to stop being woken at 4 am by your neighbours Rooster

How to catch a Rooster at 4 am

How to prepare a Rooster for cooking.

Using Rooster tail feathers as pens.

Google will have me an authority in no time, and maybe I could make a 6 figure a year income selling…? ..

Courses. Save your Roosters head, teach it to sing.

Yep! it all sounds loopy enough.




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