Why Introverts Are Great Bloggers. (How The Shy, Feel Refreshed and Energized when they are in their own Space).

Personally I am not an Introvert( I am not a party animal either), but I know of a few bloggers who are, and it has me wondering, why introverts are great bloggers.

This post is totally unscientific, I have no Uni. degrees or training in psychology, or any other medical field. I just have a curious nature.

But it seems from a little research, that introverted people do feel refreshed and energized, when they are in their own space. Hence why they are great bloggers.

Maybe I will receive some comments at the bottom of this article, which will me some give further understanding.😎

From research we know that:

Social Events Fatigue Introverts.

From what I have seen and read that is a given.

One guy I know (lets call him Fred), will sit just outside the main group at any function my friends and I have.

There are not many of us (about 10), and we like to get together every now and then, for a BBQ and a few drinks.

Fred will usually be the one just off to the side, beer in hand, listening to our drivel.

He does laugh at our stupid jokes, but I have yet to hear him tell one.

If you ask him if he wants another beer, it is usually “No thanks” and we probably drink 3 to his one.

He is a nice guy, and quite a good sportsman. Even after a game he will only have a couple of drinks and be off home.

Studies by Carl Jung found that introverts are happy having just a few close friends.

A theory put forward by Psycentral.com

Social exhaustion can also be called introvert burnout or introvert hangover. Although it’s not a medical diagnosis, it is a valid experience that introverts and extroverts can face. It can be an emotional and physical response to social overstimulation that leaves you feeling drained and exhausted psychcentral.com

So I guess if your at a social event where you don’t want to be, then it is likely you will suffer a reduction in happiness, and most likely become mentally fatigued giving fake smiles to people you don’t like.

Or maybe your smiling because you have lots of juicy stuff for your next blog article.

Blogging as an Introvert. Do they have better focus?

Image source Tumisu Pixabay.

Blogging, affiliate marketers, and writers in general, work in what I would describe as a library like setting.

We have all seen the sign. QUIET PLEASE.

I know I struggle with focus when I am writing.

Right now I am thinking there is only half a packet of cornflakes left, I should go get some more.

Why have I thought that, I have no idea. Half a packet of cornflakes will last me for 3 days, at least!

Maybe I need a coffee? There is nice looking chick at my regular coffee shop, who should be at work by now.

Maybe some of us dream blog. Thinking of something else, yet still doing the work.

According to Jung introversion means “inward-turning” and those who are introverts, “ draw their energy toward subjective, internal data. They seek to experience and base their judgments on data from the inner world.

According to desktime Introverts:

  • Tend to be very observant. They can find and solve problems quickly that may not be noticed by others.
  • Introverts excel in detail-oriented tasks that involve planning, problem-solving, and organization.
  • Introverts are good listeners, and they think before they speak.

Given that introverts excel in detail- oriented tasks then I guess they may be more focused than extroverted people.

However feel free to leave your opinion below.

There has always been a differentiation between personality types, when hiring people, particularly in smaller companies.

However these days, (with the large corporations at least), hiring has become more robotic.

Human Resources is now known as Human Remains.

The obvious job would be a librarian, financial analysist or engineer, a scientist perhaps.

And writer or (obviously), blogging.

But an introvert could be in any job. The local priest could be introverted, so it probably doesn’t matter what job they are in.

Obviously blogging is a great job for people who are introverted, if you look at the reasons given above by Desktime.

Often you will read in bloggers Bio’s that they turned to writing (blogging), to ditch the 9–5 commute.

There may have been other reasons too, such as the office politics.

To go back to Carl Jung, and the conflict between thinking and feeling. The introvert needs space to keep their thoughts focused.

Are introverts good at social media?

I know of some that are, and there are lots more who claim to be.

Many of those that claim to be, are quite successful in this medium.

For the most part I just see them as quiet people, outside of what they are doing.

Like “Fred” above, they like their own space, where they can concentrate on whatever it is they want to do.

If they are doing podcasts on U-Tube, it is all well planned ( typical of the introvert), and the message gets out.

The same on Tic Tok. You could probably pick the difference between extrovert and introvert, by whether or not it is a spontaneous type video or a well planned one.

There is something we can learn from that, if your thinking of doing podcasts, or promoting something on U-tube or Tic Tok.

Conclusion. Introverts can be good bloggers but…

There is a Dark Side for both introverts and extroverts: Depression, Social Exhaustion.

So while everything written here sounds good, there is a downside many of us aware of, called mental illness.

Which is a broad based term covering a multitude of things related to our well being, whether or not we are considered extroverts or introverts.

Writing for many people, gives an inner peace.

We are happy putting some words together. We don’t know if anyone is going to read what we have written, but we happily do it because we move into another world.

Some would say that is esoteric. Whatever.

It is our surrounding environment coupled with our thoughts, which seem to provide many of the pressures common to many, who have trouble dealing with thoughts, emotions, and conflicts with others.

Some medical people call it social exhaustion or burnout.

Others have labelled it Depression. It is something I have experienced, and many others way better known than me, have shared their experiences about it.

James Altucher of “Choose Yourself” fame is one person who details his experiences.

These days I no longer worry about burnout or depression.

Not because I am rich or stress free or anything, I can still be moody.

But over the last couple of years I have met genuine refugees who have lost everything. They are roaming around picking up bits of low paid work here and there to make ends meet.

Yet somehow there is nearly always a smile, and an expression of gratitude for any little amount they receive.

I have (a badly), written book about them here.

Thank you for reading. As always any comments are welcome.


Originally published at https://the-bare-foot-affiliate.com on July 1, 2022.



Thanks for stopping by. I write straight off the top of my head and sometimes forget to edit. More about me here. https://bit.ly/3I8it7D

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Michael Dubhthaigh

Thanks for stopping by. I write straight off the top of my head and sometimes forget to edit. More about me here. https://bit.ly/3I8it7D