Why is it many Writers don’t have Websites?

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This opening line…

A comment I saw in a content writers / copywriters group on the book of faces, mentioned he had a Bachelor’s degree in English, and had just finished reading a book, and watching a video on copywriting, to add to his credentials.

After talking about his “portfolio” and how he stores it. His last comment was, “ Do you think I should start a website?”

It is probably the 5000th. time I have seen someone ask this.

It seems many writers have no problems using platforms like, Word, Apache, or Google docs, but are reluctant to start a website.

Maybe they are scared of getting tangled up in code. CMS, HTML, domain names, hosting or any number of other reasons.

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Like, what is the difference between a post and a page?

To put it simply, pages are used for static content. (a great place to store your portfolio). And posts are for more timely content to be shared.

I use WordPress. It has the best CMS in the world. No coding (unless you want to).

Thousands of themes available, and very inexpensive to set up.

The only reason I use Word or Excel these days, is to keep track of contacts, affiliated sites, and money coming in and going out.

For writing I just use WordPress and its block editor. I can publish it (a post), or save it to a page and have it either public or private.

Yeah I know, Word has templates to play with.

Tip. Don’t choose a theme or plugin that hasn’t been updated in in the last 3–6 months.

Because I am lazy and despise sorting conflicts between plugins and my theme, I use a pro theme, I can play with it, knowing the code is regularly updated.

If my website were a house, it would probably be painted about 5 times a year.

Do you really need a website?

Probably not.

There are those who say having one, will give you more exposure, and take your business to the next level.

Not everyone one wants to start an agency.

Increasingly the people / agencies wanting content done, are now asking for Search Engine Optimized content.

They give you the keywords they want used, they want it in perfect English and don’t want the keywords stuffed throughout the content, yada, yada, yada.

So many rules, but the pay is the same.

How many writers know anything about SEO?. Obviously some do, but for many it is a case of, “What are you talking about?”

Sometimes agencies cannot answer that question, or try to explain it in a way that seems like they are trying to baffle you with B/S.

My scuba diving friend had done a dozen or so articles for me. Then told me she was taking a break to learn SEO.

I told her she already had a good grasp of it. Ok, I did help a little by tweeking a few things for the big “G”.

But it was only that which I performed when editing. During our time together all I told her was…

Select a title not used by every one and their pet dog (or lizard). Find it, and relevant headings in Quora, Reddit, or even Medium and Google.


Because those are questions people are asking.

Sneakily I used to test it with Google and see how many searches there were.

Less than 6 million, I thought we would be competitive. Some headings had only 2 or 3 thousand searches. We can compete with those, use them.

Put the focus keyword within the first 10% of the copy. Try not to use it again. Once near the end of the article would be ok.

Then just write, and everything should fall into place.

The other day she emailed me a copy of her certificate.

I snipped a screenshot from my Google analytics, showing a few of her articles still (after about 7–8 months), on pages 1,2, and 3 of Google and sent it to her.

SEO shouldn’t be the scary elephant in the room. There are other examples for laying out articles that Google accepts.

Headings are used in order of importance, H1 (the WordPress default for the title). Most of us use H2 for the first paragraph, then H3. Others say their paragraphs are of equal importance, and use all H2 headings.

Other use a Video or image with the title displayed as the main heading.

So long as Google and the other search engines can understand the intent of your content, then like good librarians, they know where to index your content.

Beware of agencies demanding SEO content. Research the keywords they have given you. The number of searches will tell you how competitive they are.

Have a look the domain authority of the competition on page Googles page 1.

If the keywords are very competitive, and the agencies client DA is way below the sites on page one, you might want to pass on that assignment.

After being screwed around by agencies and their demands, it is understandable why many writers don’t bother having a website.

For me it is the mindset. Writing in WordPress is writing for the web.

Writing in Word feels like writing for homework.

I prefer writing for the web.



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